We appreciate your interest! Application is made online. Below are the steps to guide you through the process.  

STEP 1. Fill out and complete the needed information in the Online Application Form.

STEP 2. The guidance office will review the submitted documents.

STEP 3. Wait for the SMS and email notification for the schedule of your interview.

STEP 4.  After your interview, wait for the SMS/email notification if you are eligible to pay the reservation fee.

STEP 5. After receiving the SMS/email notification, pay the reservation fee amounting to PHP1000 at the school cashier or through the following payment channels.

For the list of requirements, please click here.


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  • Please present the original copy of the documents to the School Registrar on your campus visit.
  • Only files with the following file extensions are allowed : PDF, Excel, Docs, JPG, JPEG and PNG. Total file size must NOT be greater than 100.00 MB.
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The guidance office will review your application and submitted documents.

Please check your mobile devices or email address for your login credentials. Click here to download Recommendation Form and submit it to the guidance office on the date of your interview once signed by your previous school principal.